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DJ Yuka promomix

April 15, 2012


Yuka is a female DJ now based in Moscow (where she has lived since 1998), but who began her career in distant Bratsk, Siberia. Now that she's fully ensconced in Moscow, her music appears regularly through the outlets of three labels: Fullpanda, Pro-Tez. That latter orgniation has also created a series of podcasts in her name for free downloading. The opening broadcast came with a small text that moves swiftly from imaginative fancy to absolute fantasy. In English it reads as follows: "All musicians can be compared to bird-catchers, especially those hunters who'd go looking for songbirds. Some of them would search for a particular type: a nightingale or a lark, perhaps. Others, conversely, would hunt nothing but exotic birds. Once they were caught, the birds would be kept in cages made from sheet music or boxes cut from concert programmes."