Coincidence Records

Coincidence Records is a record label founded in 2006 by Edward Molton focussed on getting music out there from unknown and less known artists that deserve to be known. Initially started as a digital label, we have grown into 2007 releasing selected work on limited vinyl on our sublabel Forteana Records.

The philosophy

Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with fluffy promo babble which you usually get from labels trying to describe why they are different – we simply want to release the stuff we like. We pride ourselves in putting our artists and their creativity first, and try to give them all the attention and work we can give them in return. Coincidence Records doesn’t focus on one style: we are pretty proud of thinking outside the box and not confining ourselves to the current style in fashion. Anything that is exciting, dancefloor oriented and simply good deserves to be released and we hope to able to give our artists just that: a chance to get their music out there!
Thats also why we try to listen to all demo’s as soon as we get them, and we don’t wait two years to release them: what’s the point in making contemporairy music if you should wait for the label to release them when the artist’s taste has already evolved…
Anyway, we are always interested in new demos and we play them out regularly to test what works on a defenceless dancefloor crowd. Expect a lot of fresh tunes in the time to come, from artists which all are exceptional in their respective styles.

Stay Tuned, there’s so much more to come đŸ™‚

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