Zombeats Mix Series vol 3: Evad

Posted on July 29, 2011


 Today a new episode in the Zombeats podcast. Today is a special one as it’s not 1 mix but two mixes by Evad.

Evad played on the Coicnidence Records stage at the mighty Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. He shared the decks with Tama Sumo, Steffi, Pierre & Juannes, Psytox, Tom Dazing & Gols, Jazzmin and myself Edward Molton.

Some words by Evad himself:

When mister Molton asked me to do a Zombeats podcast, he had the perfect timing. I had two nice bookings coming up, which means I could deliver him two mixes in stead of one. The first mix is recorded at Thé Dansant (an open air party organized by KetaLoco and Feestgedruis) where I took care of the warming up. The second mix is recorded at Tomorrowland on the Coincidence Records stage. The Tomorrowland mix is a little bit more diverse, but that can’t be a bad thing, right?

Six tracks were played in both sets; here’s the list of those pearls:

  • Trip Points – Julien Sandre Remix – Jules-de-Pearl – MBF ltd
  • The Barking Grizzle – Detroit , Berlin San Soda Lazer Remix – Prommer, Barck – Composite Records
  • The Voice From Planet Love – Dixon’s Chic-A-Go Edit – Precious System – Running Back
  • The Fallen Siren – Culoe De Song – Mule Musiq
  • Arr Aye – Soukie, Windish – Acker Records
  • The Cat – Canvas – RebelOne

For other ID’s, feel free to ask.
Evad – DJ set @ Thé Dansant VI

Evad – DJ Set @ Tomorrowland 2011