2562 xlr8r Podcast

Posted on February 21, 2011


2562 xlr8r Podcast


Over the past few years, Dutch producer Dave Huismans (a.k.a. 2562) has carved himself a solid niche in the murky territory that sits between the worlds of dubstep and techno. While he’s best known for his heady, low-end explorations, he also indulges a love for (slightly) clubbier sounds under his A Made Up Sound moniker. His upcoming album, Fever, finds him delving into yet another genre—disco. Well, sort of. Although every sound from his new full-length originated from a vintage slab of disco vinyl, Huismans still manages to sound like himself. He’s also set to embark on a lengthy North American tour this week—the dates are posted below—so we figured that now would be a good time to solicit his participation in the XLR8R podcast series. As one might predict, the mix isn’t easy to pin down, as Huismans bounces between various house, techno, and post-dubstep sounds, although his preference for subtlety and detailed production shines through regardless of genre. Things do get darker and crunchier as the podcast proceeds, but the quality never wanes.


01 Yoav B “Wisdom Bop” (Meakusma)
02 M. Pittman “East Side Story” (7th Sign)
03 Panash “Cheval” (Atavisme)
04 Domu “Quarantine” (New Religion)
05 Kerri Chandler “Get Up” (Madhouse)
06 Blawan “Getting Me Down” (Unreleased)
07 Nutmeg “Oscar’s Shed” (Neroli)
08 DJ Koze “Mi Cyaan Believe It” (Pampa)
09 Julio Bashmore “Batty Knee Dance” (3024)
10 Boddika “Rubba” (ForthcomingSwamp 81)
11 2562 “This is Hardcore” (When In Doubt)
12 Nacho Patrol “Solomonic Dynasty” (Creme Organization)
13 Paperclip People “Floor” (Planet E)
14 Kirk Degiorgio “Nairobi” (New Religion)

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