Tom Bonaty (Prologue showcase) for Modyfier

Posted on January 15, 2010


Tom Bonaty (Label Head) deals with electronic music since 1989. His style is strongly influenced from the old Ultraschall Club in Munich. It’s been a long road for Tom, though, and one that hasn’t always been about Headfuck Techno. The imprint’s head got his start in electronic music in the late ’80s, DJing and working in a local record store for years before starting his first label, Treibsand, with two friends Treibsand was a short-lived affair, beginning in 1999 and abruptly stopping in 2000, but it was an important one. Through its releases, Tom became even better friends with local and international DJs like Cio D’or, Fanon Flowers, Patrick Skoog, Alex Flatner After a break he started to build up Prologue in 2008 as his own vision of electronic music and with the idea to supporting friends like Giorgio Gigli, Cio D´Or, Modern Heads or Juho Kahilainen to publish their music. Tom’s sets are characterized by deep atmospheric electronic Techno music with this kind of driven and dirty techno even designed for Techno Clubs. Tom´s music in the sets and also the releases on Prologue are so called Headfuck Techno, which is a definition from the press and several electronic music blogs like mnml ssg.

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